Macau Talent Program



To provide more opportunity of youngsters who are interested in Squash. This programme aims to cultivate the squash talent over the territory through training courses of higher levels.

Entry Requirements

Youngsters of age 7-15


Beginners Training Course(11/2014 - 1/2015)

A twenty hours training will be scheduled and a skills assessment will be designed at the end of the beginners training stage. Participant who passes the assessment will be recommended to go for the next stage – Intermediate training Course and certificate.

Intermediate Training Course

Outstanding participants in the beginners Training Course will be invited to take part in this stage. Skills and competition technique can be improved through twenty hours intensive training. All participants are required to join the novice competition which will be held in March 2015 and certificate.

Novice Competition

Participants of the Intermediate Training Course are required to take part and gain experience in this Novice Competition. Those participants with outstanding performance may be selected to Macau Squash Junior Development Team for further training.